Posted by: csdivakar | September 26, 2007

First Year Celebration

 First Year Birthday

 Today is my First Birthday. Thanks for visiting me.

Sep 26,2006 is the day I started writing blog or copying the content from other sites which I think it will be helpful for me as well as who is reading my blog.

I am planning to continue the same strategy, however from nowonwards I am planning to write more than sharing some useful content.

Many of you are reading my blog for the past few weeks and am welcoming your suggestions and advice to improve further. The best suggestion will be awarded with wonderful gift.

You can subscribe to my blog by clicking an icon in the sidebar. You will get an email with my update.

You will find the interesting things in the next few days in this blog. View daily in or subscribe. I am archiving the old content in to a readable format for viewers.

Expecting your suggestion to my email

Suggestions or Advice will help a human being to improve. Constructice Criticism will make a human to do work hard and smart.

Thanks a lot….

With affection,

Divakar Subramanian


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