Posted by: csdivakar | October 3, 2007

Choose your Mentor?

In today’s changing world, we may not able to take the right decision and we are fully loaded with lot of information. Still we are not able to take any decision.

To be a successful person in the future world, we need to have a Mentor. Otherwise, it may be very hard for to be successful in our professional or personal life.

Who is Mentor ?

Recently I read in a book called The Mentoring Advantage: Creating the Next Generation of Leaders


Author Beverly Kaye, cofounder and CEO of Career Systems International, has literally defined the role of mentor. She spells it out in the following way, thereby defining the role as well as the word:

  • M is for model, which reflects a mentor‘s responsibility to serve as role model as well as point out others who are good role models for her protégé.

  • E is for encouragement, which is a part of the mentor‘s role as cheerleader or advocate. As Kaye observes, mentors support their mentees in the risk taking that is essential to their growth.

  • N is for nurture. A mentor needs to identify his or her mentee’s unique skills and capabilities and work with him or her to make the most of these talents.

  • T is for teacher. Another term might be coach. The mentor is responsible for providing constructive feedback.

  • O is for organization. A mentor is there to lead his or her protégé through the organization, avoiding political minefields.

  • R is for reality. This may be one of the most important responsibilities of a mentor, for he or she helps a mentee better understand how the organization works—those aspects of the organization that aren’t written about in any policy manual. I would add that the mentor also helps to bring reality to a mentor‘s dreams for the future, creating an action plan that makes them within reach and, sometimes, helping a protégé accept that some goals are only dreams, beyond their reach.

Try to find your Mentor and discuss abut your future plans and ask your mentor to accept accountability for your Success and the tasks to complete to acheive your goal.






  1. Good insightful post. First time I got to know the role of mentor/mentee & the acronym for mentor as well. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Sathish … Gkkad you liked it…

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