Posted by: csdivakar | October 5, 2007

Networking – Boom of the future

What is Networking ? 

Networking is the passing along of information, ideas, and contacts from one person to another, and then possibly to more people. Every time someone shares an idea or contact with you, you are on the receiving end of networking. Every time you give someone support, encouragement, or a recommendation, you are on the giving end of networking.

Networking is as simple as friendship. It’s about people sharing and caring for one another.

What  a Network is ?

A network is a group of people with links to one another. These links may be due to similar job situations, career activities, friends, neighbors, hobbies, schools, communities, religious activities, and so on. A network is a support system of people that you can reach out to for help, support, advice, or friendship.

Example : , are the best websites for us to maintain network with our friends and colleagues.


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