Posted by: csdivakar | October 9, 2007

Active Listening – Tips 20

This is quite helpful on Listening which is very basic quality for a Leader.

  • Know the difference between hearing and listening. To hear means “to perceive by the ear.” To listen means “to pay attention.” There’s a big difference!

  • Get into the ACT of listening. Employ body language. Look at the person who is speaking. Make and keep eye contact. Position your body in a way that shows you are open and receptive to what the person is saying.

  • ADOPT THE 2/1 RULE: Listen twice as much as you talk.Why do you think we have two ears and one mouth?

  • Play the “concentration game”! Focus on what the speaker is saying. Try not to jump to conclusions before the speaker is finished talking. Pretend that you will be tested on what the speaker says. Make mental notes (or take written notes) on what is said.

  • While listening, ask questions as a way of demonstrating interest as well as soliciting more information (e.g., “Can you tell me more about…?”). Or, use questions as summaries (e.g., “Let me see if I understand … Is that correct?”).

A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he knows something.


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