Posted by: csdivakar | October 16, 2007

Time Management

I looked up from my desk to see my colleagues packing up to go home. It was already 5:00 p.m. At the rate I was going I would be in the office till midnight. Staring down at my To-Do list, I sighed in dismay. Most of the “Must-do” tasks remained.

Time is a remarkable asset given to Prince and Paupers in equal measure. Every day contains 24 hours: no more and no less. And no matter how much we value it, there is nothing we can do to store it, to slow it down, or to put it into neutral while we prepare to use it. Time, as the saying goes, waits for no man.

Are we spending our Time effectively and efficiently?

To understand our timing patterns, we need to have an Activity Log for a week . This Activity Log will illustrate us how we spend our time.  The most important in logging Activity Log, we need to spend minute details like, how much time are we spending in Coffee Break/in Wash Room or I would advice how much time it took for the computer to bootup. ( Sometimes, this might be funny) . However, we need to log the minuest activity for us to enable better.

Here is a document for your reference: Daily Activity Log

Priorities are :

A –> Critical Goals – Primary Goal of the Day – Most Important and Urgent

B –> Important Goals – Linked to Primary Goals – Most Important and Not Urgent

C –> Enabling Goals – Linked to Primary Goals – Urgent but not Important

D –> Not at all Goal – Not Urgent and Not Important

Analysis to Change:

From the above activity log, we can get the clear picture of the utilisation of time. This is the final step for prblem correction. The best way to correct the problem is to develop more effective habits of behavior by repeatedly practicing the effective behavior until it becomes a natural response (a habit).


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