Posted by: csdivakar | October 17, 2007

Calculate your Strengths

In many interviews, we are asked by a Question:

What are your Strengths ?

Normally we might answer for the above question would be our interests, our acheivement in any situation, and based on that we decide that we are good in Java, or Public Speaking etc. The answer would be based on the historical happening in our life.

But researchers have proving , that might not be the Strength of us.

Here is a way for us to understand about our Strength:

The only way to discover our Strengths is through Feedback Analysis.Whenever we make a key decision or take a key action, write down what you expect will happen. After some time, we need to compare the actual with expected results.

The above said Analysis will help us to know about our Strengths and Weekness. Put ourself where our strengths can produce results.

Discover where our intellectual arrogance is causing disabling ignorance and overcome it.


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