Posted by: csdivakar | February 23, 2008

Blind Spots

Blind spots was a term originally used to describe a small part of the retina of the eye that was insensitive to light and caused impaired vision. The term is now used widely in sports and other activities. When you drive your car, you are probably aware of your visual blind spot—the point where an approaching car gets lost in your rear view mirror.

Blind spots are things we think and do unconsciously that can negatively influence how other people feel about us. Sometimes they are seen as irritating habits.

  • Analyze yourself as if you were another person so you can depersonalize the process and be more objective.

  • Always start by analyzing your strengths; this gives you a positive outlook.

  • See your blind spots not as weaknesses, but as behaviors that get in the way of fully using your strengths.

  • Gather information from others about what they see as your strengths and blind spots.

  • Do not hesitate to ask people for information; the most confident people always ask for balanced feedback.

  • Make it comfortable for people to share negative feedback with you. Be grateful for their help.

  • If you identify several blind spots, prioritize which one you plan to work on first.

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