Posted by: csdivakar | March 21, 2008

Hobbies can improve Personal Branding

One of my colleague , Pradeepan Gunabalasingam who is working as a Sr.Configuration Management Analyst  mentioned to me many times about his hobby on Photography. I thought he is having good interest in Photography.

After some time, I was amazed by seeing a photo in his desk which shows his interest and knowledge in that field.

I requested him to take some family photos for me. I thought he will come with his Digital Zoom Camera. He turned up with lot of stuff including the backdrop. I was really happy about his sincerity in his hobby. While I was talking with me, he spent so for $4000 for the equipments ( Camera Stand, Umbrella Stand , zoom lenses etc.,), this shows his complete faith in his interest.

After seeing some photos with flash lights and different poses, my whole family’s faces were turned smile. He become very close to my family members and from now on his relationship is very important to my family in the future. (I will remember him in my life ,  becoz thoses photos are going to be in my home.)  

I learnt the following stuff today on this activity :

                1. Interesting Hobbies can improve the Personal Branding and Relationship.

                2. Even in our hobbies, we need to focus much and to dedicate on that activity.

                3. I am able to see the Energy level in him, how his creativity flourished in telling us to pose.

                4. Dedication to your interest will really helpful .

                5. Make others to smile by someway.

                6. My friend mentioned to me, he learnt lot of stuff through his Camera Club.

In general, I won’t forget this Good Friday…


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