Posted by: csdivakar | August 17, 2008

To get Succeed in Corporate Life

Like it or not, the moment you reach the executive level, you are onstage. Your peers, your superiors, and your subordinates have their eyes trained on you and will take note of any stumbles. To deliver a winning performance:

• Think before you speak. Anticipate the effects of your words.

• Watch your sense of humor. Avoid making light of sensitive issues such as downsizing or changes to pay and benefits. And be especially mindful of jokes or witticisms that could offend; the more power you have, the more sensitive others will be to any perceived abuse of it.

• Don’t push your point of view too hard. Leave room in the conversation for spirited debate.

• Ask for feedback. Really listen to the answers.

• Be genuine. Insincerity is all the more glaring in the spotlight. Sure, there will be times where you have to hold back details for any number of reasons. But if you acknowledge this, people will understand—and they’ll respect you for your honesty.

Source : Harvard Business Review


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