Posted by: csdivakar | December 19, 2008

Recession Proof Yourself

  • Update your CV and keep it current.
  • Test your employability skill-set by checking how you measure up against job ads to similar roles or the next step.
  • If you spot any skills gaps in your CV, do your best to fill them.
  • Brush up o your current skills, particularly those that are key to your job.
  • Widen your reading and web-watching of organisations in your sector/ profession so that you are aware who is hiring and firing.
  • Whilst keeping yourself job-ready for new opportunities or in case of redundancy don’t forget the value and importance of the job you got.
  • Keep your work rate and productivity up.
  • Keep cheerful – it doesn’t help to be down in the mouth
  • Look after your health – stress is debilitating and these are stressful times
  • You may be cutting back on spending but make sure your work clothes are smart and appropriate to the job you do – if you look good you’ll feel good
  • Make the most of your leisure time so that you are fresh and ready for work on a Monday Morning.
  • Take every opportunity to network.

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