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A Johari window is a cognitive psychological tool created by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham in 1955[1] in the United States, used to help people better understand their interpersonal communication and relationships. It is used primarily in self-help groups and corporate settings as a heuristic exercise.

Johari name derived from the names of authors Joesph and Harry.

The Four Quadrants has lot of meanings and it really triggered me lot, when it was shared in the Leadership Catalyst Meeting.

Quadrant 1 {OPEN} :- The area of free activity , refers to behavior and motivation known to self and others.

Quadrant 2 {Blind} :- The blind area, where others can see things in ourselves of which we are unaware.

Quadrant 3 {Hidden} :-
The avoided or hidden area, represents things we know but do not reveal to others .(e.g a hidden agenda or matters about which we have sudden feelings).

Quadrant 4 {Unknown}:- Area of Unknown activity. Neither the individual nor others are aware of certain behaviors or motives.

For Example, I need to have your information about me, this is called “Feedback”

When I ask for and receive feedback, I decrease my BLIND area and increase my OPEN area. By decreasing my BLIND area, I have more of my

Truth – more of me –available to me.

When you give me feedback, you give me information about you in how you frame the feedback and what in my behavior has stimulated a reaction in you. You thus decrease your HIDDEN area or your BLIND area by saying or doing something that is out of the BLIND part of you and my pointing the response out to you decreases your BLIND area and increases your OPEN area with me.

Courtesy : The Johari Window : A Graphic Model of Awareness in Interpersonal Relations. By : Joseph Luft





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