Posted by: csdivakar | April 21, 2012

Knowledge Tweets – WK 16 – 2012

My Top Best Tweets for the Week 16 – 2012

1. Work – Life Integration –

2. Girls around me App – – Danger through Social Media Applications. via / @rsukumar

3. Amazon vs. Best Buy . A Tale of two retailers   via/@subbins

4. As learners, we must stay open to questioning our understanding and maintain a willingness to rethink    via /@dorait

5. Innovate business models by adding new activities, linking activities in novel ways, changing who does what


Top Video Blog : Four Ways to think like an Innovator ”  –




  1. Very good collection Dhivakar, I like the Amazon Vs Best buy very mcuh.

    • Thank you Sudheer. Glad you like it.

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