Posted by: csdivakar | December 23, 2012

Respect for the role or the person?

This is one of the interesting blog.

Angulam's Blog

A friend called up the other day. He had recently moved to a semi-independent role from a managerial role for a large portfolio and he was surprised that the attention he had been garnering until recently had gone down significantly. “Are they ungrateful or am I not the leader I was anymore?”  he wondered.

We mused this over a pot of coffee and a few cups of tea (we had one of those uber coffee shops nearby). He really had been a good manager, so this wasnt about people acting up. Not at all – so what was happening?

My friend got it first – “looks like I missed the “parnephelia associated with the position” with my person. The oohs and aahs were really for the position huh?”

We had a good laugh as we thought about the fate of our politicians once they were out of power. Or the…

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