Posted by: csdivakar | April 10, 2013

What motivates us….

I was wondering how many of my colleagues, friends and team members are always motivated, energetic and bringing lot of benefits to them personally and also to the organization.

It triggered me to read a lot about motivation and found an answer through Fredrick Herzberg ‘s Two Factor Theory ( Motivation and Hygiene Theory –

Let us understand in detail about Motivation and Hygiene.This has revealed me personally the expectation from me to move from “What to think ?” to “How to think?”.

Herzberg’s Two-factor Theory

Hygiene Factors



  Job Security,
  Working Conditions,
  Level and Quality of Supervision,
  Company Policy and Administration,
  Interpersonal Relations

Nature of Work,
  Sense of Achievement,
  Personal Growth and Advancement


Most of the times, the decisions are taken based on the Hygiene Factors and not on Motivators. For example, when we are deciding to move from onsite to offshore or offshore to onsite, decisions are taken based on the Hygiene Factors to a large extent than Motivators.

If we focus more on Hygiene Factors, it doesn’t mean that we are motivated to do our job. However it helps us to work with the absence of job dissatisfaction. (As mentioned in How will you measure your life by Clayton M Christenen ) .

Integrating Hygiene and Motivators:-

Sense of Achievement is most important to feel at the end of the day and program is key motivator.

 I was discussing with my friend Thillairajan , where he has given a great insight about Small Business Owners who are having a deep sleep at the end of the day because of their sense of achievement by seeing a great impact in their day due to their success in their business by valuing their Sales. (Most important motivator for them in the initial days of their business not as a Hygiene Factor)

In the same way, are we identifying the sense of achievement?

For example winning a proposal, BES Survey to 4.5, Clearing a Certification, Taking a session in Academy, Finding a defect which has saved a great impact in the production, opportunities for Innovation etc.,

Let us integrate Hygiene and Motivators in our life and know your comments on what motivates you whether it is Hygiene Factor or Motivational Factor…

Source : – To know more about Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory published in HBR 1987

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