Posted by: csdivakar | December 9, 2013

“The Exiled Prince” – Rama tells his Story…

“The Exiled Prince” – Rama tells his Story…          

In Rama’s words, “How will the story of my life be remembered by those who belong to the time yet to come?, These people who will never see or know me in flesh, how will they think of me?”

If Rama himself is answering the above questions , how would we feel ? Writer Ravi tried to respond in a beautiful way in his Book “The Exiled Prince”.

Ravi (@itsravi) narrates the story in a beautiful way by starting it with Madurantakam Rama and a British officer Colonel Lionel Blaze. ( History of Maduratakam Rama Temple in 1799)

Writer poses a nice question via Colonel Blaze “Where is it ever written or said that Rama died?”

I have read the few sample chapters via @Sandeepvarma and waiting for the remaining chapters how Rama is telling his story .

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