Posted by: csdivakar | January 26, 2014

A heartfelt wish on a momentous day

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Today happens to be India’s Republic Day; a celebration dating from a momentous day in 1950 when the great country turned into a republic and a new constitution came into play.

The weather is mild this morning and there is hint of a drizzle – nature seems to be enjoying the moment as well. Congratulatory messages are pouring in from all quarters with Indians all over the world sharing wishes and smiles in honour of the valiant efforts of their countrymen several decades ago.

As I type this message, I wonder – what is it that we could wish for our country on such a pivotal day – what is the one thing that we need most of all – as a person, as a partner, as a society and as a country in a connected world?

The answer seems to be present in this little tome I hold in…

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