Posted by: csdivakar | December 26, 2014

Personal Code Halos.. Key Learnings…

What is Code Halos ?

” The halo in the term Code Halo refers to the data that accumulates around people, devices, and organisations – data that’s robust , powerful and continually growing in richness and complexity. The halos contain the code that companies, brands, employers and partners can use to enhance their understanding of people or objects more deeply. “.

Personal Code Halos ..

Everyone has a Code Halo.. How is it formed ? What does it contain ?

Everyone of us started using internet for everything and sharing about us in a great way . Especially the firms such as Amazon and Google interact with our richselves, they recognize our thinking patterns and understand our interests, friends interests, likes and dislikes.


Today we hav a pattern of searching about an key executive in Linkedin is normal and know about his likes, dislikes etc., and strike the conversations are common in the business world. Especially the testimonials plays a vital role in Linkedin to know about the individual.

BLOGS, Personal Websites:-

Our Blogs communicates clearly about our key interests , thoughts and it becomes a data in the internet world.

Buying Behaviour :-

Amazon, Flipkart are very smart in gving offers based on our buying behaviour and interests . Predictive Analytics plays a vital role in our daily life ..with our data.

Key Learnings in Personal Code Halos:-

– Know who we are as well as our preferences, characteristics, and associations.

– Understand how we like to interact and how we don’t.

– Direct us effortlessly to what we are looking for.

– Remember every detail of our interaction in internet is very key ..

Questions to Ponder :

Are we having an awareness on Code Halos ?

What is my Personal Code Halos ?

Am I sharing the right data in the Internet world to know about me ?

Source :  “Code Halos” – How the Digital Lives of People, Things, and Organisations are Changing the Rules of Business by Malcolm Frank, Paul Roehrig and Ben Pring

How am I earning my two currencies ” TRUST” and “CONTENT” in Virtual world ?

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