Posted by: csdivakar | January 21, 2016

Essentialism – The Pursuit of Discplined Less – Book Review

On a beautiful sunday , listening to instrumental music and writing this blog is one of the best experience because the book ” Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” had provided many answers to my questions. As Adam Grant ( Author of Give and Take ) mentioned, ” Essentialism holds the keys to solving one of the great puzzles of drop what you’re doing and read it”.. and my experience remains the same where this book has moved me to reflect on each page …

“Essentialism is about how to get the right things done. It is a disciplined, systematic approach for determining where our highest point of contribution lies then making execution of those things almost effortless .

This book showed a deep understanding of how to live a life true to ourself, and also teaching a method for being more efficient, productive and effective in both personal and professional realms.

There are four parts of the book where the first outlines the mind-set of an essentialist and the remaining three parts in to a systematic process of the Essentialist.

1. What was the purpose of this book?

The Purpose of this book is to live a meaningful life by identifying what really matters and also a framework to live as a Essentialist . George Mc.keown explains with a beautiful greek word, ‘metanoia’, refers to a transformation of the heart. He argues with a clear points by asking questions and provides answers from Essentialist and Non-Essentialist perspective.

2. . After reading the book, interest been piqued about the subject matter ?

Indeed, one of the most interesting books which provoked by asking questions like :-

“What am I deeply passionate about ?” and “ What taps my talent ?” and “ What meets a significant need in the world ?”

“Which Problem Do I want ?” , As Micheal porter confirms “ Strategy is about making choices , trade-offs. It is deliberately choosing to be different “. Mc.Keown provides an approach how to do trade-off. Trade-offs are not something to be embraced and made deliberately, strategically, and thoughtfully.

3. Was there a specific passage that had left an impression, share the passage and its effect.

“ In the top left quadrant, we have a vision and mission statements like “We want to change the world”; statements that sound inspirational but are so general they absolutely entirely ignored. In the bottom left quadrant, we have a set of vague general values like “ innovation”, “teamwork” and “ leadership”- but these are typically too bland and generic to inspire any passion. In the bottom right quadrant we have shorter-term quarterly objectives we pay attention to, like “ Increase profits 5 % over last year’s results”; these short term tactics may be concrete enough to get our attention, but they often lack inspiration. An Essential Intent , on the other hand , is both inspirational and concrete, both meaningful and measurable. Essential Intent is one decision that settles 1000 later decisions . It is like deciding you’re going to become a doctor instead of lawyer. One Strategic choice eliminates a universe of other options and maps a course for the next 5, 10, 15 or 20 years of your life. Once the big decision is made, all subsequent decisions come into better focus.  “

The above passage in the Clarify chapter has an in depth meaning of the essentialism and its philosophy of “Disciplined pursuit of less”. Personally it helped us to identify our intent and the way how can we easily decide on what was important right now ?. As Greg Mc.keown mentioned in the book “ What was important right now, what was important right now was to figure out what was important right now !

Recommendation: “Essentialism is having answers for all the questions in personal, professional and to a great extent in spiritual. I love this book and strongly recommending that this book to be there in bookshelf of every home. Awesome book , immediately read it and the way you see the things will change beautifully ”

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