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Are you a Multiplier or Diminisher ?

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Are you a Multiplier or Diminisher?

Did you ever had a supervisor or client who pushed you beyond what you thought you could do? Or a leader who inspired you to give more than 100 percent? Then you are working with Multiplier in action.

What is a Multiplier?

Leaders who use their intelligence to amplify the smarts and capabilities of the people around them. These are the leaders who inspire the people with whom they work to stretch themselves and surpass expectations. These leaders use their smarts to make everyone around them smarter and capable.

Did you ever had a supervisor who is holding his team back, despite with good intentions ?

What is a Diminisher?

Well-intended Leader often following popular management practices , who subtly and , completely unaware , shuts down the intelligence of others.




Peter Drucker summarises the need: “The most important contribution management needs to make in the 21st Century is to increase the productivity of knowledge work and the knowledge worker.”


Intelligence Multipliers:

Leaders who use their intelligence to amplify the smarts and capabilities of people around them are Multipliers of intelligence—they inspire employees to stretch themselves to deliver results that surpass expectations. These leaders hold a unique set of assumptions about intelligence.

Multipliers see an abundance of intelligent people and assume that people are smart and will figure it out. This core assumption is at the root of the five leadership practices that distinguish Multipliers.

They: 1) see genius in others;

2) create intensity that requires best thinking;

3) extend challenges;

4) debate decisions; and

5) instill ownership and accountability.

Multipliers don’t get a little more from people around them—they get vastly more. Multipliers utilize people at nearly 100 percent of their capacity, meaning they get twice the capability from their people than Diminishers do.

Accidental Diminishers:-

Visionaries: Visionaries are big thinkers who lay out a compelling picture of the future and evangelize it. But they might be providing too prescriptive a vision to their team and not leaving enough space for others to think through the challenges and build the intellectual muscle to make the vision a reality.

But instead of engaging his team’s enthusiasm, his effect was the opposite—and people became apathetic.

 Idea Guys:

Idea Guys are fountains of creativity, and their minds race with non-stop ideas. They may think they’re sparking innovation, but they cause whiplash as people scurry to keep up with each new idea, making minor progress in many directions.

Rescuers: Many well-intending managers jump in and rescue their people or a project to help the person avert failure and get on the path of success. But when rescuing struggling people, you weaken their ability to think for themselves and to learn how to spot problems and recover from them. Instead of creating a cycle of success, you create chronic dependency on the leader.

How to become a Multiplier:-

  1. Ask Questions . Ask clean questions ..
  2. Share Ideas : – Introduce few ideas, and leave white space.
  3. Give Accountability : Give Accountability and trust them.

BOOK : Multipliers by Liz Wiseman

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