Posted by: csdivakar | October 16, 2018

Ask Daily Questions and see the change in you

“The best executives have the right questions, not the right answers”. – Liz Wiseman , Author of Multipliers

I am always curious about how questions are asked in the meetings, discussions, TV Debates. I strongly believe Quality of Questions ask yourself is directly proportional to quality of life you live.

I was introduced to Marshall Goldsmith in 2008 in Toronto Public Library attracted to his book “What got you here won’t get you there”. I am following him and his influence to my life is very much because of his methods and also on his Daily Question process.

Self-Reflection is a tool to reflect on our life. Every day I ask myself by answering 10 questions that represent behavior that I know which is most important, but easy to neglect or avoid on daily chores.

I was lazy and procrastinating more and I will be busy in conference calls in the morning and coming home very late and not able to spend time with kids. Started justifying about Work – Life is not good.  Only conversations in whatspp voice recordings and messages with kids. This indicated how poor I am at my time / energy management. Inspite of all these happenings, my lnbox will always have unread emails. I felt stressed on my work and was always looking for answers …

I am fascinated with Marshall Goldsmith and his book “Triggers” me to join on his Executive Coaching Certification on Stakeholder Centered Coaching and the Daily Question process. It is an eye-opener for me and changed me to gain my focus .

The following 10 questions helped me to shape my day and continuously asking the questions everyday and capturing it in a spreadsheet.


Did I do my best to :

0 – 10


Increase my happiness
2 Meditate for 10 minutes
3 To capture my calendar effectively
4 Spend time my kids
5 Learn something new by reading books
6 Exercises in the morning
7 Keep Zero Inbox
8 Reduce my time on Internet/Social Media
9 Listen in the meetings/conference calls
10 Go to bed by 11:00 PM


Diligently am following to respond to this 10 questions every day and scoring myself and this helped me to say “No” to my Mindless browsing or chat with friends on phone calls or and having a laser focus on my Zero Inbox everyday.

Beyond all this, when we were having a family dinner and casually my son who is at his 5th grade certified me that “ I can see a difference in dad that he talks to me nowadays “. I feel my son’s feedback is the greatest feedback I received after my Daily question process.

Daily Question Process works very so well because it pushed me to reflect everyday on my values.

What questions you want to ask yourself, every day ?  Write the questions that you need to ask yourself everyday ? If you need help on writing questions, please do feel free to call me and love to help you.. Decide now to ask questions everyday… Your life will be better.

Life is good!

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