Special…from Tom Peters..

The following questions are very powerful Questions for us to answer genuinely. I am pretty sure, these questions will change us to change our life in a different way.

Thanks to Tom Peters (www.tompeters.com) is our living guru and am really an admirer of him.These questions drafted by him in his presentations.

Please answer it : 

What do others think of you?

What do you think of you?

What is your impact on others?

What are the “little things” you (perhaps unconsciously) do that cause people to shrivel—or blossom?

What do you want?

Are you aware of your changing moods? How fragile is your ego?

Do you have a true confidant?

Do you perform brief or not-so-brief self-assessments?

Do you talk too much?

Do you know how to listen?

Do you listen?

What is your style of “hashing things out”? Are you perceived as (a) arrogant, (b) abrasive (c) attentive, (d) genuinely interested in people, (e) etc? [Are you sure?]

Are you flexible?

Have you changed your mind about anything important in a while?

Are you comfortable-uncomfortable with folks on the front line?

Do you think you’re “in touch with the pulse of things around here”?

Are you too emotional/intuitive?

Do you spend much time with people who are new to you?

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